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Seasonal Menu

  • Pumpkin Soup - Vegan and Gluten Free restaurant Vancouver
    Pumpkin Soup

    A delicious seasonal favorite. Made from the freshest, high quality organic and raw ingredients.  Served with Sesame Crackers and Garnish. You are sure to love this holiday delight.

  • Ukrainian Pirogues - Vegan
    Ukrainian Pirogues

    You will really enjoy a delicious serving of Ukranian Pirogues. Cooked wheat pirogues (contains gluten), olive oil, salt, topped with cashew dressing. Served with organic mashed potatoes topped with olive oil and onion, along with our homemade sauerkraut made from cabbage, onion and olive oil.

  • Staffed pumpkin - vancouver vegan restaurant
    Staffed Pumpkin

    Delicious Staffed Pumpkin - main dish of our new Seasonal Fall Menu
    * With Vegetable stuffing and
    * Coconut Mushroom souce

  • Brazilian plater - vegan restaurant Vancouver
    Brazilian plater

    The Brazian plater offers

    • Farofa de banana
    • Jack fruit meat Vatapa
    • Rice, Salad

  • Ukrainian Combo - Vancouver vegan restaurant
    Ukrainian Feast

    Our delicious seasonal meal for one person that offers Borscht, Pierogies, Cabbage Rolls and a healthy Dessert

  • Pumpkin Spice Latte - Vegan restaurant Vancouver
    Pumpkin Spice Latte

    The Pumpkin Spice Latte is a seasonal treat that's sure to warm. Featuring natural ingredients and spices.

  • Chai Masala - Vegan - Vancouver vegan restaurant
    Chai Masala

    Indigo's Chai Masal is one of the best around. Milk, dates, chai spices, cinnamon and cayenne.

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