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Vegan Food Blog

The History and Etiquette of Afternoon Tea

high tea experience at Indigo Age Cafe

The History and Etiquette of Afternoon Tea The high tea experience at Indigo Age Café is one of a kind, offering a memorable experience that offers a unique assortment of mini-sweets and savouries accompanied by your choice of organic tea. It’s a tradition that we cherish and simply love sharing with our visitors. High tea…

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Buy Durian in Vancouver – Nature’s exotic superfruit candy!

Indigo Age Cafe - Buy durian in Vancouver

Buy Durian in Vancouver – Nature’s exotic superfruit candy! Tropical fruit – durian with a full-bodied creamy and one-of-a-kind texture; depending on how ripe it is, durian tastes something like creme brullee, or even vanilla and chocolate custard. Those who are looking to buy durian in Vancouver will be thrilled about our freeze-dried durian candy…

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High Tea Vancouver served with a Vegan, Gluten Free twist!

High Tea Event

The High Tea Vancouver experience is truly one-of-a-kind. The High Tea ceremony is served with a raw vegan twist at Indigo Food Café. We create a delightful experience and a sensory journey as you taste your way into a health-giving culinary adventure in a warm atmosphere. Here’s your opportunity to indulge in our signature plant-based cuisine with a unique assortment…

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Ukrainian Food in Vancouver! Unique Cuisine at Indigo Age Cafe.

Ukrainian Combo - Vancouver vegan restaurant

Discover Vegan Ukrainian Food in downtown Vancouver! Ukrainian Food is easy to like because it has a great versatile flavour profiles which naturally fall into the “comfort food” category. In fact, the cuisine of Ukraine is considered by some to be among the top 20 tastiest foods of the world as per Wikipedia! We take…

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Do All Vancouver Vegan Restaurants Cook with Healthy Oils?

Vancouver vegan restaurants Indigo Age Cafe

  Do All Vancouver Vegan Restaurants Cook with Healthy Oils? If you are curious about nutrition, then you already are familiar that there can be good oils and dangerous ‘cooked’ oils which are connected to Free-Radical-Damage. In this blog we will talk about free radicals and the power of antioxidants to protect us from harmful…

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Plant-Based meals create an Alkaline/Acid Balance and healthful new beginnings

vancouver vegan restaurants

  We strive for balance in our life and we most certainly can also benefit from balance in our diet. Achieving the perfect balance depends predominately on understanding and applying the acid/alkaline balance to your diet. As a vegan restaurant in Vancouver, we are being asked all the time about your commitment to serve nutritious…

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New Pumpkin Spice Latte with Coconut Cream and Seasonal Menu at Vancouver vegan restaurant!

Pumpkin Latte - vegan restaurant

We take pumpkin for granted once the pumpkin season comes, yet this is by far one of Nature’s own wonders offering nutrition which is conserved for a long period of time. Popularized through folk tales as the legend of the Sleepy Hollow and Cinderella, we often use them for decoration and overlook the health benefits…

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Protein-Rich Foods are actually Plant Based Foods!

Protein reach food at raw vegan restaurant in Vancouver

As a raw vegan restaurant in Vancouver, we often discuss plant-based sources of protein, because most people are under the assumption that by having a meal at a vegan restaurant, they will have less protein intake and would have to eat more to get that satisfying “full” feeling. But nothing can be further than the…

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The Problem with Soy and Grains and why our vegan restaurant has a “Gluten-Free” kitchen!

Kale salad at Indigo Age Cafe - vegan restaurant

Indigo Age Cafe which is 100% vegan restaurant in Vancouver is also known for being one of the few restaurants that is gluten-free. We also only serve organic almond milk which we make in-house and serve fresh daily to provide an alternative to milk for our warm beverages as well as smoothies. Soy milk is…

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Vegan restaurant in Vancouver helps you create more healthful habits for life!

Sprout salad at Indigo Age Cafe - best vegan restaurant in Vancouver

Fall is a season where we move into change and productivity; it is also the best time to foster new habits which support your wellbeing and fuel your aspirations.  Eating is something that we do many times a day, every day, so it is the fastest way to impact your overall sense of wellbeing. The…

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