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Catering Desserts

Indigo Age Cafe Food Catering in Vancouver area.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly food catering, at Indigo Age Cafe we offer both elegant and healthy solutions for all occasions with customized menus to meet your budget. You can count on us to work around special dietary needs of your guests.

Indigo Age Cafe presents a unique twist among many others, because we offer delicious, gourmet, and approachable vegan cuisine, offering gluten-free, sugar-free and raw options! Especially when it comes to our signature desserts…

We plan custom menus, specialty drinks and time it all perfectly to deliver sumptuous food while paying close attention to detail.

Vancouver food catering - Indigo Age Cafe
Allow us to take care of your event needs and deliver an unforgettable culinary experience. Our chefs craft all dishes from scratch because we like to think of
Vegan Cuisine as a plant-based culinary art form!

We transform and alchemize popular desserts such as tiramisu, berry cheesecake and chocolate ganache into delicious, healthful creations without compromising the amazing flavour and texture profiles which we’re all looking for in dessert!

Furthermore, Indigo Age desserts are made without any gluten or dairy products, and are nutrient-dense. We make our own chocolate and berry sauces using antioxidant-rich berries and exotic superfoods for decoration.

Indigo Age Cafe’s gourmet cuisine is always made with the freshest ingredients, supporting local businesses and farmers whenever possible, to create beautiful and delicious vegan and vegetarian meals, desserts and displays.

Our returning guests often comment on our signature vegan desserts being a novelty and a highlight of their dining experience. There are surprised just how great our raw desserts taste without having to deal with conventional sugar and/or common allergens such as dairy and gluten!

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Our chefs are happy to craft a custom menu for you in advance. Allow us to help you create the most memorable and successful catering experience. Call or email us today.


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