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Introduction for Vegan Cuisine class and dinner

Spring tools at Indigo Age Cafe - best vegan restaurant in Vancouver
5:00 pm

Every Monday from

January 20, 2020

Introduction for Vegan Cuisine class and dinner

17:00pm to 19:00pm


Join us for an introduction to preparing and cooking Organic, Vegan and Raw foods. You’ll meet our Chefs and Nutritionist, interact with the Vegan community, and you’ll get to sample some of our most delicious culinary creations.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about VEGAN foods and have all your questions answered about proteins, sugars, fats, and superfoods. No heavy equipment requires easy and fast ideas to make your journey start with a vegan lifestyle.

The 2-hour course is designed for novices, entrepreneurs, or people who are interested in a healthy lifestyle and vegan or raw nutrition. It’s also the very foundation for the professional preparation of gourmet vegan cuisine for those who are pursuing a career in the VEGAN food movement and planning to take other classes.

Class Agenda:

Green Whole Meal High Nutritional Cocktails
Vegan Milk substitute and use in the kitchen
Wheat and eggs substitutes
Vegan cheese and yogurt, butter and kefirs ideas
Easy and fast snacks
More filling Fast Lunch and Dinner ideas
What is a Vegan Dessert? No milk, No Sugar, No Gluten?

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