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Protein-Rich Foods are actually Plant Based Foods!

Protein reach food at raw vegan restaurant in Vancouver

As a raw vegan restaurant in Vancouver, we often discuss plant-based sources of protein, because most people are under the assumption that by having a meal at a vegan restaurant, they will have less protein intake and would have to eat more to get that satisfying “full” feeling.

But nothing can be further than the truth, because raw foods (uncooked and sprouted seeds, grains, vegetables and fruits) are actually higher in protein and minerals as well as the only source of enzymes.

Proteins are molecular compounds integral to the life of every living cell. It is essential to understand, that these complex molecules contain as many as thousands amino acid units of the 22 amino acids, only a few will be found in most proteins. Which is why it is essential to diversify the sources and quality of your protein sources! Consider the Power of Green – this color pigment of our food delivers health-giving properties which are also detoxifying and youthening. Most of the flesh in animals and most of the organic material in plants is composed of proteins.

Furthermore all enzymes, antigens, antibodies, and hormones are proteins!

Amino acids are vital for forming muscles, and overall structural integrity of our cells, as well as  the formation of two essential brain hormones – serotonin and dopamine, which play a key role in our mental health. Therefore t the quality of the protein that you choose for your nourishment is directly related to the quality of your internal makeup because every living cell of your body uses protein – amino acids – for chemical building blocks for growth, repair, and development.

“In terms of protein, cooked animal protein is actually a poor-quality source” – said David Wolfe in his book, Eating For Beauty. “It is coagulated, difficult to digest, creates inflammation in the tissues, and is rough on the kidneys. The elastic, lightweight polypeptides (free-form amino acids) found in plant foods make them a superior and ideal source of protein building blocks.”

If you are new to eating raw or vegan cuisine, you will find that including more proteins in your diet in the form of some of the protein-rich foods listed below, will lead to more energizing and beautifying effects as a result of ‘eating clean’! In the illustration below, you will find new ideas for diverse protein sources.

Lastly, if you are alternating between plantbased protein and animal protein, consider introducing enzymes to your diet either with every meal or whenever you are eating cooked food. Digestive enzymes are excellent transition tool to have as a kick-starter of your health regime! They help to transform one molecule into another, and even help to transform one element into another. They help with indigestion, stagnation, weightloss and proper absorption of nutrients. By taking enzymes with your meals you can take the load off your body, especially if you are about to consume a heavy, or celebratory meal.

Interesting fact: All enzymes are destroyed by the cooking process, causing food to literally “stick to our ribs!” says David Wolfe.

Protein source at raw vegan restaurant in Vancouver

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