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The Story of Indigo Age – Raw Vegan Restaurant

The Birth of a Raw Vegan Restaurant in Vancouver

Lovena and Kate - Owners of Indigo Age Vegan and Gluten Free Restaurant

Owners Lovena and Kate Galyide at the original location in Kitsilano

Indigo Age started over 6 years ago as an act of love to share healthy raw, vegan and gluten-free food and teach people how to be healthy by eating and drinking better. Lovena Galyide, our owner and manager, is a certified raw food chef who had a vision to help people to “Think Cosmically, Act Globally, Eat Locally” and spread an extremely important message:

“Our small day by day choices can make such a big influence in the planet and people’s lives! By making this choice we really can feed the hungry, save rain forests, natural resources, water, land and all this big action toward a long and healthy life”.

The benefits of being vegan for your health, animals, and the environment are becoming more and more apparent as awareness spreads and scientific studies are completed.

Indigo Age - Vegetarian, Raw Vegan, Gluten-Free Cafe & Restaurant Logo

With our original location open in Kitsilano, our raw vegan restaurant moved to downtown Vancouver to help expose more people to the benefits of eating a plant-based diet.

Our mission:

To make at least one person per day realize that the same food choices that give you the healthiest body are also the most earth-friendly.

You will be sure to find unique meals and combinations at our raw vegan restaurant, a reflection of both Lovena’s and the teams passion and experience with creating raw vegan and gluten-free meals that are healthy, delicious, local and affordable.

Sun Portobello Burger - Raw Vegan and Gluten Free

Our team strives to source as much of our fruits, vegetables and other ingredients locally from our partner farms and small businesses in the community.

If you’re left curious to discover how you make some of these dishes at home, Indigo Age has also been providing catering, classes and educational events since the beginning.

Helping you discover how healthy food should taste

Over the last six years, Lovena and the whole Indigo Age team have been helping thousands discover how incredibly beautiful and delicious healthy food can be. Raw, vegan and gluten-free food can be enjoyed for both the taste and health benefits.


We hope that you’ll join us today to help write the next chapter for Indigo Age!

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