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High Tea Vancouver served with a Vegan, Gluten Free twist!

The High Tea Vancouver experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

The High Tea ceremony is served with a raw vegan twist at Indigo Food Café. We create a delightful experience and a sensory journey as you taste your way into a health-giving culinary adventure in a warm atmosphere.

Here’s your opportunity to indulge in our signature plant-based cuisine with a unique assortment of mini sweets and savouries accompanied by your choice of organic tea. Each item is artfully crafted and plated for your party.

We strive to create a memorable experience and deliver your personally selected exclusively blended organic teas, to accompany an elegant tray of miniature savouries and sweets: all house-made petit desserts, tasty snacks, mini wraps, vegan cheeses, decorated with chocolate and berries.

Healthy, delicious, gourmet plant-based food without compromise!

available in the afternoon, reservation required

The Art & Culture of Tea Ceremony

The tradition of High Tea goes back many years to the late 1700’s. The custom of drinking tea originated in England with Charles II who popularized drinking tea in the afternoon. In ancient China, tea ceremonies were practices to cultivate longevity and wellbeing of a community and family.

Today, we can especially appreciate this time-honoured tradition and create quality time for a tea ceremony. Our current times, food and culture seem to get more and more fast-paced. Therefore, we choose coffee over tea and rush through various meetings.

When it comes to creating quality time for yourself and your loved ones as well as your health – a festive tea ceremony is simply delightful to savour every moment and every sip!

Our selection of the finest quality of Organic, Fare Trade, loose leaf tea has something for everyone: black teas, green tea, jasmine, cherry tea, rooibos, chai, sencha, yerba mate, chamomile, rose petals, fruit trees and specialty herbal elixirs.

Treat Yourself and Loved Ones!

If you are celebrating and treating someone for a special event – we’re here to serve a delightful experience and a sensory journey created just for you! Taste your way into a truly health-giving and enriching culinary experience. Gift someone a nutritious gift of health and make a reservation!

Furthermore, our guests often comment on our signature vegan desserts being a novelty and a highlight of their dining experience. There are surprised just how great our raw desserts taste without having to deal with conventional sugar and/or common allergens such as dairy and gluten!


What experts say about our High Tea:

“While I don’t consider myself a raw-food enthusiast, the meal’s impeccable presentation, interesting textures, and vibrant flavours had me excited about coming back to try Indigo’s raw vegan cheese  and high tea, both of which require a reservation and a minimum of two people. When I spoke to owner and chef, Lovena Galyide, she said her goal with Indigo is to take raw, vegan food to the “next level”. After experiencing her high tea, I think it’s safe to say she’s succeeded.”

 Stephen Hui, Food writer at Georgia Straight

Healthy, delicious gourmet plant-based food without compromise!  

*Sugar-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, guilt-free indulgence. Cost: $34.00 per Person*

Reservation required online or by phone: (604) 622-1797

You can purchase High Tea For One, Two or Four, with PayPal below:

To learn more visit our dedicated High Tea Page.

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