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Vegan restaurant in Vancouver helps you create more healthful habits for life!

Fall is a season where we move into change and productivity; it is also the best time to foster new habits which support your wellbeing and fuel your aspirations.  Eating is something that we do many times a day, every day, so it is the fastest way to impact your overall sense of wellbeing.

Sprout salad at Indigo Age Cafe - best vegan restaurant in Vancouver

The team of Indigo Age Cafe – a dedicated vegan restaurant in Vancouver –  would like to encourage you to start your new season by fostering 3 Healthy Habits inspired by every meal of your day.  Here are 3 tips to increase your daily energy and vitality:

1. As a vegan restaurant in Vancouver, you may have guessed that our first tip is to encourage you to eat more plant-based, vegan meals, juices and smoothies.

Plant foods are most nutrient dense, therefore incredibly effective and efficient for those busy professionals, moms, and children of all ages. Smoothies are a great way to pack many greens, sprouts and superfoods, while on the go!

Organic kale alone for example is one our favourite ingredients packed with nutrients.  This powerful leafy green provides protein (3g per cup!), Vitamin A, Vitamin C, sulfur, calcium and ALA, an omega-3 fatty acid that’s important for  cognitive and restorative functions. Especially, with inflammation and detox. Try our Indigo Age Cafe kale salad with hemp seeds and a very yummy dressing!

An important nutrition-inspired tip is the concept of Micro-nutrition versus Macro-nutrition. Micronutrients don’t have calories like macronutrients, which is usually what we eat: pasta, rise, bread, chicken, and foods rich in sugar.

Micronutrition is the impact of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids etc) which offer a plethora of health benefits on our health, and nourish every part of our body and being. The eastern philosophy refers to micronutrients as the “Qi” or  “Prana” of that food, which means its life force energy.

2.Eat the rainbow –  Sahara Life nutritionists and award-winning entrepreneurs remind us that “The brightly-colored fruits and vegetables get their vibrant hues from the powerful antioxidants and phytochemicals they contain — plant-based compounds that neutralize free radicals to fend off disease, give you a bright, youthful complexion and more. By eating plenty of colors, you can be sure you’re getting the wide variety of nutrients you need, and antioxidants!”

Our sprouts salad, salad rolls and other signature entries offer this exact opportunity to diversify your nutritional intake, while enjoying amazing flavours.

Spring tools at Indigo Age Cafe - best vegan restaurant in Vancouver

Most people on conventional diets, with an intake of seeds, nuts, grains and proteins which are all quite acidic in nature. Plant-based foods would help to bring your body towards an alkaline balance; and remember in an alkaline environment, a disease cannot exist.

3.At Indigo Age Cafe, like any vegan restaurant, is guaranteed to offer unique treats that you may have never tried before. This is a great boost of novelty to inspire and pick up new healthful habits! We have ready-to-go healthy snacks and juices which will help increase your energy throughout the day, especially if you are short on time!

Our in-house made coconut yogurt for example with an antioxidant-rich berry jam, offers bio-available micronutrients for the gut, helping to soothe your digestion. And the star of all nutritious breakfasts on the go, our chia seed pudding, inspired by a winning recipe. If you love chia or not, this recipe may just change your mind about this amazing superfood! Mixed with coconut meat, it is creamy, silk and just a little bit sweet. All of these and more are available to order online with deliveries via Doordash and www.justeat.ca

Chia pudding at Indigo Age Cafe - best vegan restaurant in Vancouver


Let us know on Facebook in comments, if any of those 3 healthful Tips have made a difference for you. Or come chat with us about your insights next time when you come in, many of our staff have a background in nutrition and a big passion for it!

PS. You may also enjoy our previous blog on Superfoods and warm drinks and elixirs full of micronutrients to boost the energy even more!

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